New Years Feature

New Year, New Blog, and New Year’s Nails

Welcome to my new blog! I will be sharing swatches of indie polishes and nail art. I thought I would start with my New Year’s Eve mani featuring Vapid Winter Midnight ’17and Gilver ’17. These polishes were part of Vapid’s Black Friday 2017 releases and are no longer available; however, you may be able to find them in a destash somewhere. I was actually planning to use Happy Freaking New Year ’17 as my accent nail, but grabbed the wrong one and didn’t notice until I had already done the first coat and decided to run with it. 🙂 For both colors, I used two coats plus topcoat. Both polishes went on smooth with barely any clean up as I have come to expect from Vapid.


Without further ado….here are some photos in direct sunlight:


Vapid Winter Midnight and Gilver Sun


Vapid Winter Midnight and Gilver Sun 2


Vapid Winter Midnight and Gilver Sun


Here are some photos in the shade:


Vapid Winter Midnight and Gilver Shade


Vapid Winter Midnight and Gilver Shade 2


Some macros; sunlight and shade for Winter Midnight and sunlight for Gilver:


Vapid Winter Midnight Sun Macro


Vapid Winter Midnight Shade Macro


Vapid Gilver Sun Macro


Here is my New Year’s Eve mani. I used Lina Nail Art Supplies Can’t Wait for Xmas 01 for the glasses and Can’t Wait for Xmas 02 for the fireworks. I used Vapid Lacquer Pessimist for the black stamping and the Bundle Monster Moonbeam stamping polishes for the fireworks. The fireworks were easier to see in the shade.


Vapid Winter Midnight and Gilver Nailart Shade


Hope everyone had a happy New Year and that 2018 brings even more great indie polish!