Celestial Cosmetics Greek Goddesses Part 1

Hello there! After some technical difficulties that have been hammered out, my blog is back! And I have a gorgeous collection to share with you today from Celestial Cosmetics – The Greek Goddesses Part I. This is very photo heavy so here are the release details. They will be available March 10th at 7pm EST / March 11th at 8am AWST for International shoppers here and Australian shoppers here. I have photos with varying lighting along with a review after each one. So let’s get started! (gorgeous press samples ahead!)



Aphrodite – A white based crelly packed with Stormy Blue micro flakes which give a lovely blue shimmer. Retail price $11 aud / $10 usd


Here is Aphrodite in direct sunlight.



Here is Aphrodite in the shade.



And here is Aphrodite under my Ott light.



This polish was a real chameleon depending on the lighting. In brighter lighting the blue micro flakes really pop. I loved how speckled it looked in the shade too. This polish was a little thicker, but I had very little clean up needed. I used 3 thin coats since there was still a hint of VNL after 2 coats and removal was super easy.



Athena– A soft dusty pink scattered holo. Retail price $12 aud / $11 usd


Here is Athena in direct sunlight.



Here is Athena in the shade.



Here is Athena under my Ott light.



I loved the scattered holo in this polish. This one ranged from white to light pink to even lavender depending on the lighting. This went on super smooth and I only needed 2 coats for full opacity. This looked amazing even under the fluorescent lighting at work.



Gaia – A yellow based crelly with a gorgeous orange shimmer and filled with blue and orange colour shifting flakes. Retail price $12 aud / $11 usd

Here is Gaia in direct sunlight:



Here is Gaia in the shade. I love how the flakies really pop in the indirect light.



Here is Gaia under my Ott light.



I can’t have a flakie polish without using a matte topcoat. Here are a couple photos in the sun and the shade. Despite the matte topcoat, it still really glowed!!



Application of this polish was smooth, very little clean up. My middle finger ended up with some really large flakies that made the polish look kind of textured, but it dried smooth. I used 3 thin coats and the flakies distributed quite evenly. No problems with removal for this one either. I was really impressed with this polish.



Nyx – A black based crelly packed with a strong violet shimmer. Retail price $11 aud / $10 usd


Here is Nyx in direct sunlight.



Here is Nyx in the shade.



Here is Nyx under my Ott light.



The violet shimmer in this one is amazing. In indirect light, the polish is very dark, but as soon as you get it in the light, the shimmer comes out to play. No problems with application with this one. I only needed 2 coats.



Selene – A dark purple jelly filled with blue colour shifting flakes and a dash of violet micro glitter. Retail price $11 aud / $10 usd


I have a ton of photos of this one starting with sunlight. All the sparkles freaked out my camera so I did the best I could.



Here is Selene in the shade.



Here is Selene under my Ott light.



And, of course, I had to matte-ify this one as well. Showing in sun, shade, and Ott light.



This one was just so sparkly. Despite it being a jelly, it went on evenly and built up nicely. I used 3 thin coats for this one, but I probably could have gotten away with 2. I just loved how much depth the 3rd coat gave the mani overall. I did use a thick coat of topcoat with this one to smooth it out. Removal was a breeze as well.



Thetis – A green leaning teal based polish with a strong gold shimmer. Retail price $11 aud / $10 usd


Here is Thetis in direct sunlight.



Here is Thetis in the shade.



Here is Thetis under my Ott light.



The shimmer is this one is amazing. The first coat was quite sheer. I used 3 thin coats and there was still just a hint of VNL, but the shimmer covered it up well.


As I swatched this collection, I kept thinking, “this is my favorite one.” Then I got to the next one and then that one was my favorite one. They all had great formulas; I barely needed to do any clean up.


Buy here: International site / Australian site

When: March 10th at 7pm EST / March 11th at 8am AWST.


If you want to see more photos from this collection, you can check out the Celestial Cosmetics Instagram page or connect on Facebook as well.


What do you think of this collection?